Gurps Dallas

Getting Started

The forming of the party and first adventure

The group of adventurers had a somewhat botched adventure in the town of Chesum in which they burned down an abandoned Mill as a distraction for a somewhat subversive group who wanted to embarrass the local Baron.

They then meet up with a hobbit, Juan, who was on an adventure to obtain some wolf tail hairs for a mage in Tibawi.  The party joined Juan and they went off in search of a wolf lair that Auburn was familiar with.  In short, they found the lair, retrieved the requisite 110 hairs and were ready to leave went Juan decided it might be nice to explore the cave to see what was inside.

Inside the cave, they found 3 back chambers of interest.  One had two adult wolves and three pups.  After a brief scuffle, they left these alone.

Another had a treasure chest with 75 gp, 1000 sp, 5000 cp, 2 potions (Healing and ????), and a Bracelet with 5 gem stones (temp hit points, regenerate at 1 per hour).

The final chamber has an altar with a book of demon summoning, a chalice containing deep red liquid, and 2 lit candle sticks on it.  Behind the altar was a skeleton who had been killed with arrows several years ago.  The main feature of this chamber was a large pentagram containing a Demon Lord.  The party decided to leave him alone and mostly left the chamber untouched.  The skeleton had a pouch with some basic spell components which they took, but they left the altar and pentagram alone.  They did read the book on the page which it was open to and noted that it was a spell of Demon summoning and listed the name of a demon, Kraxiventur.



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